modification of the IABERD statutes (2015)

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modification of the IABERD statutes (2015)

Postby admin » Wed Nov 11, 2015 6:48 pm

Dear colleagues,

During the last meeting EPRBIODOSE at Dartmouth College (4-8 Oct 2015), the General Assembly has approved the modifications of IABERD statutes proposed by the executive staff. The details of the modifications proposed by the executive committee are described hereafter. The new statutes (in french and english languages) are jointed to this message.

With my best regards
Philippe VOISIN


Delete: “They are all elected by the Assembly for terms of three years. Each Officer may not serve in any capacity for more than two successive terms (a total of six years) except another officer will be eligible to be elected president for up to two terms”.

Insert: “They are all elected by the Assembly for terms which are defined as the time between EPRBioDose Meetings. The President and Vice-President will serve for a maximum of 2 terms. After the mandated term of the President, the Vice-president will become President and a new Vice-president will be elected by the Assembly based on a proposal by the Executive Committee. In the case of a resignation of the President, the Vice-President will automatically become President for the remainder of that term and for a maximum of 2 additional terms. The treasurer and the secretary must be reconfirmed in their position by the Assembly every two terms, but there is no limit on the number of terms served by the Secretary and Treasurer. As the Association is under French law, it is necessary that one Executive Committee member be a citizen of France. This could be a fifth Executive Committee member chosen from the Scientific Council.


Delete:” Membership of the Scientific Council shall be dynamic, with staggered three year terms that can be renewed a maximum of one time (i.e. a maximum of 6 years of service).

Insert: “Membership of the Scientific Council shall be dynamic, replacing one third of the committee every term. For the first time, the renewal of the council members is determined by draw or volunteer. Prior to each EPRBioDose meeting an announcement of the meeting will be sent to the General Assembly soliciting interest in the Scientific Council. New members will be selected from those who have submitted a proposal to the President. New members are proposed to the Assembly by the executive committee based on a proposal of the scientific committee. The General Assembly must validate the selection of new members”
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