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IABERD Forum Policy

Postby admin » Thu Nov 26, 2015 11:02 am

Dear Colleagues,

This message gives some simple policy rules for our forum, in order to make this forum the most free and adequate discussion point for any colleague interested by the topics of our Association.
The discussion must be in english language in order to be understood by each participant (and the Forum Admin as well!).
Any discussion subject must be in relationship with the topics of the association or if required, of more general scientific interest, but anyway in relation with the association activities.
Some private discussion is authorized in the private message section, but it must brief and related to the points above. For other situations, we assume each participant have many other means of communication.
Exchange of documents is authorised, under condition it respects the copyright rules or any other related national and international rules.
It is always possible adding more specific sections to this forum by request to the Forum Admin. The creation and the maintenance (and maybe the suppression) of such section is of course submitted to the number of colleagues interested.

I wish to all of you a pleasant discussion time by participating to this forum
The IABERD Forum Admin

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