A new executive office for IABERD Association

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A new executive office for IABERD Association

Postby admin » Wed Nov 11, 2015 9:52 pm

Dear colleagues

The IABERD Association was created during the EPRBIODOSE conference hold at Mandelieu la Napoule in France, in 2010.
Since this creation the 2015 EPRBioDose Conference is the second one organised under the auspices of the Association, after Leyden in 2013.
The initial idea was to promoting for these atypical conferences series gathering biological dosimetry and solid state measurements of ionizing radiation a solid starting point for long-term stability. It was not easy for the executive committee to organize and maintain a scientific association when the conference period is two or three years. Some executive office meetings were organized within the conferences but the job was performed mainly by email.
When the association was created, five years ago, the statutes were similarly established to many other international associations. However the specific operation of the association is strongly depending of the conference terms and it was understood that these terms must be also introduced more explicitly in the statutes and may influence the role of the different instances of the association: executive office, scientific committee and general assembly. It is the reason why it was proposed to the General Assembly a modification of the composition and the duration of the executive committee. More information can be found in another message in this section.
The past president (Philippe Voisin, France) was replaced by the "past" vice-president, Hal Swartz (US) and a new vice-president was elected: Laurence Roy (France). The secretary (Ruth Wilkins, Canada) and the treasurer (Francois Trompier, France) were confirmed in their respective position.

I wish to warmly thank my colleagues from the executive office who have assisted me and aided me so much since 2010 and the members of the scientific committee who have helped us to take the good decisions.
But overall, I want to thank all the IABERD members who have make this association possible and place their trust in the IABERD Association.

Philippe Voisin

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