It will take place in Japan in Okayama!

Venue: Okayama University of Science, Okayama, Japan

Period: March, 2022


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This is one of the series of international conferences held periodically, every 2 to 3 years, by IABERD (International Association of Biological and EPR Radiation Dosimetry). EPR BioDose 2022 Okayama hopes to attract a large number of students, professionals, and experts working on fundamentals and applications of biological dosimetry and EPR (electron paramagnetic resonance) dosimetry and dating.

Okayama is located 700 km west of Tokyo, between Osaka and Hiroshima, on the coast of Seto Inland Sea. It is just a one-hour flight from Tokyo, full of historical attractions, including Momotaro tales.

Important Dates

Deadline of the abstracts Dec. 2021
Deadline for early registrations Jan. 2022


Tentative schedules of the meeting and satellite meetings

Day 1 Training courses
  ISO meetings
Day 2 Training courses
  ISO meetings
  WHO BioDose
  Ice Breaker
Day 3  Opening
  Plenary lecture
  Oral presentations
  Poster presentations
Day 4 Plenary lecture
  Oral presentations
  Poster presentations
  IABERD general Assembly
 Day 5 Oral presentations
  Excursion, Banquet
Day 6       Oral presentations


*Please note that the schedules of the satellite meetings are subject to change.

Topics of the conference

  1. Biomarker
    1.   Molecular biomarkers
    2.   Cytogenetic biomarkers
    3.   New technical developments for established biomarkers
    4.   Biomarkers for low dose
    5.   Biomarker for partial body irradiation
    6.   Biomarker for mixed exposure
  2. Biological and EPR dosimetry for medicine
    1.   Biological dosimetry for individualized medicine
    2.   Biological dosimetry for clinical effects
    3.   Individual radiosensitivity / prognostic biomarkers
    4.   EPR dosimetry for radiotherapy
    5.   EPR for clinical applications
  3. Biological and EPR dosimetry for emergency
    1.  Implementation IN and Impact ON the medical management of radiation (mass) casualties
    2.   Emergency preparedness and response
    3.   Practical usage of biological dosimetry in emergency
    4.   Materials for EPR emergency dosimetry
    5.   Advances in EPR emergency dosimetry
    6.   Communications of results
  4. Biological and EPR dosimetry for epidemiology
    1.   Studies for low dose research
    2.   Long-term follow-up studies
    3.   Studies on the environment
  5. Networking in biological and EPR dosimetry, QA & QM
    1.   Quality assurance and management
    2.   National/regional networks
    3.   Global networks
    4.   Intercomparisons
  6. EPR dosimetry
    1.   Alanine dosimetry
    2.   Dosimetry in radiation processing
    3.   Identification of irradiated food
    4.   New dosimetric materials
    5.   EPR imaging
    6. EPR dating and related applications
  7.   Geological dating
    1.   Archaeological dating
    2.   New dating techniques
    3.   Sediment provenance
  8. Special session
    1. Radiological accidents and studies in Japan
      1.  Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Fukushima, JCO
    2.   Outline of Fukushima accidents and the outcome
    3. Update of A-bomb dosimetry system


Exhibition booth spaces will be provided to display related products. A document is available for details.

Ask Dr. Tomisato Miura,

Training courses

Two separate training courses are for the first time planned on dicentric and translocation assays and on in-vivo nail EPR dosimetry.

Post-conference tour (under construction)

A two-day post-conference optional tour to the Fukushima Dai-ich Power Plants accident site, with a cost of about 400 USD (ending in Tokyo), can be planned according to the interest of the participants.

Please express your interest, if you have, to Dr. Shin Toyoda,


Conference proceedings will be published in a scientific journal after ordinary reviewing processes.

LOC members

Shin Toyoda (Okayama Univ. of Science)   Mitsuaki Yoshida (Hirosaki Univ.)
Tomisato Miura (Hirosaki Univ.)    Ichiro Yamaguchi (NIPH)
Toshitaka Oka (JAEA)    Atsushi Tani (Kove Univ.)
Chihiro Yamanaka (Osaka Univ.)    Seiko Hirota (Hiroshima Univ.)
Hiroshi Yasuda (Hiroshima Univ.)    Yoshiaki Kodama (RERF)
Kanya Hamasaki (RERF)    Seiji Kodama (Osaka Pref. Univ.)
Yumiko Suto (NIRS)    Yukio Mizuta (JEOL)
Gen Suzuki (International Univ. of Health and Welfare)  

Scientific Committee members

Laurence Roy (France), Steve Swarts (USA), Ruth Wilkins (Canada), Shin Toyoda (Japan), Albrecht Wieser (Germany), Alexander Romanyukha (USA), Liz Ainsbury (UK), Paola Fattibene (Italy), Tomisato Miura (Japan), Christina Beinke (Germany), Christophe Badie (France), Ulrike Kulka (Germany), Marco Valente (France), François Trompier (France), Harold Swartz (USA), Farrah Norton (Canada), Matthias Port (Germany), Paco Barquinero (Spain), Angela Kinoshita (Brazil), Jean-Michel Dolo (France), Yumiko Suto (Japan), Mitsuaki Yoshida (Japan), Kanya Hamasaki (Japan), Seiji Kodama (Japan), Ichiro Yamaguchi (Japan), Hiroshi Yasuda (Japan)


Please send your general inquiries to Dr. Shin Toyoda,, or the ones about exhibitions to Dr. Tomisato Miura,


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