NEW publication of interest on the importance of dosimetry in the field of radiation biology (26/11/2019): A Dose of Reality: How 20 Years of Incomplete Physics and Dosimetry Reporting in Radiobiology Studies May Have Contributed to the Reproducibility Crisis  10.1016/j.ijrobp.2019.06.2545

The fifth EPR BioDose meeting (Munich, Germany, June 2017) proceedings coming soon!

Dose response of prematurely condensed chromosome rings after gamma irradiation Citlali Guerrero-Carbajal, Ivonne Romero-Aguilera, Carolina Arceo-Maldonado, Jorge E. Gonzalez-Mesa, Gloria Emeli Cortina-Ramirez & Omar Garcia-Lima Link to the abstract

IJRB special issue on RENEB activities: ‘Running the European Network of Biological and retrospective Physical dosimetry,’ is a network founded within the 7th EU framework EURATOM Fission Programme. Between 2012 and 2015, a large amount of research was carried out towards creation and maintenance of a sustainable network of laboratories carrying out standardised and validated biological and physical retrospective dosimetry methods. In 2017, the RENEB association was founded with the aim to provide rapid, comprehensive and standardised methodology for individualised dose estimation in case of large- scale radiological events in Europe and beyond. RENEB continues to be an active association with the capability to act as a legal partner for organisations and platforms, active in emergecy preparedness, radiation protection and research.//

The fourth EPR BioDose Meeting  proceedings (Hanover, NH, USA 4–8 October 2015). Organised by The International Association of Biological and EPR Radiation Dosimetry (IABERD), this meeting was held in combination with two international conferences (The International Symposium on EPR Dosimetry and Dating and The International Conference on Biodosimetry) and a symposium (The International EPR Society). //