The Assembly shall elect a Scientific Council for terms of three years, constituted from at least 8 members up to 15 members that can be renewed a maximum of one time (i.e. a maximum of 6 years of service).

The Scientific Council shall be composed of members of the IABERD, acknowledged for their scientific background in the scientific topics of the Association. The new members of the Scientific Council are chosen by the members in activity in order to preserve the balance of the Scientific Council. The choice is submitted for vote to the following Assembly Meeting. Ordinarily the Executive Committee Officers will be part of this Council.

Important considerations in the composition of the Scientific Council include :

  • International representation of all regions with significant activities in the field

  • Representation keeping the balance of the different scientific tendencies of the Association, i.e. at least about 30% of experts in biological dosimetry and 30% of experts in EPR dosimetry

  • Representation of appropriate subfields of the areas of scientific expertise

  • Representation of national/international organizations

  • Appropriate balance of gender
  • Balance of scientists at different levels of seniority (without diminishing the requirement for excellent scientific accomplishments)

Members of the scientific council (updated 15/06/2018)

Elizabeth Ainsbury

Christophe Badie

Paco Barquinero

Christina Beinke

Jean-Michel Dolo

Paola Fattibene

Farrah Flegal

Angelina Kinoshita

Ulrike Kulka

Tomisato Miura

Matthias Port

Alexander Romanyukha

Harold Swartz

Shin Toyoda

Marco Valente

Albrecht Wieser

Ruth Wilkins