Subject to the Assembly, the Executive Committee shall be vested with the administration of the Association. The Executive Committee is formed by four Officers that will act as President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer, proposed by the Scientific Council among the Scientific Council members.

They are all elected by the Assembly for terms of three years. Each Officer may not serve in any capacity for more than two successive terms (a total of six years) except another officer will be eligible to be elected president for up to two terms.

The Executive Committee is in charge of :

  • The current affairs of the Association
  • Representing the Association with respect to third parties
  • Coordinating the activities of the Association and ensuring their good development
  • Summoning the Assembly Meetings
  • Making decisions relative to the admission, demission or eventual exclusion of Members of the Association
  • Taking care of the respect of the present Statutes
  • Administrating the goods of the Association
  • To appoint employees to serve the Association under its direct supervision for a specified period
  • The President leads the Association and takes care of its good course
  • The Treasurer is responsible for the book keeping and its presentation

Members of the past executive committee (GA of 17/10/2015)

H. SwartzChair
L. RoyCo-chair
R. WilkinsSecretary
F. TrompierTreasurer

Members of the actual executive committee (Approved by General Assembly of 15 June 2018)

Laurence RoyChair
Steven SwartsVice-Chair
Ruth WilkinsSecretary
Francois TrompierTreasurer